"Show me where it hurts"

While my Injury Series articles are among the most popular on my blog, they are spread out over several pages of posts on my blog, and a lot of readers aren't sure which injuries I've covered and when.  I sometimes get requests for injuries I've already written about! To solve this problem, I've created a home page for the Injury Series, which you can see along the tabs at the top of every page.  In addition, I've created an "injury map"—an easy reference so you can connect what hurts with the proper article! You'll find it on the Injury Series page, but I've also reproduced it below.  Enjoy!

midpoint achilles tendonitis

insertional achilles tendonitis

patellar tendonitis

medial tibial stress syndrome

plantar fasciitis

iliotibial band syndrome

patellofemoral pain syndrome

tibial stress fracture


Image Map

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