Ask Running Writings Episode 2: What should you do during the recovery period of interval workouts?

Here's the next episode of my YouTube series! Something I'm asked a lot by young athletes and their coaches is "what should I/my runners be doing during the recovery period of interval workouts?" The best answer is "it depends"!  Different kinds of workouts call for different recovery tactics.  Check out the video for more!

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John J Davis, PhD

I have been coaching runners and writing about training and injuries for over ten years. I've helped total novices, NXN-qualifying high schoolers, elite-field competitors at major marathons, and runners everywhere in between. I have a Ph.D. in Human Performance, and I do scientific research focused on the biomechanics of overuse injuries in runners. I published my first book, Modern Training and Physiology for Middle and Long-Distance Runners, in 2013.

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