Quick updates: Site migration, World Athletics Championships, and more!

Hello readers! I have a few quick Running Writings-related updates to share: first, in early August, Running Writings will be migrating from its current (and very ancient) Google Blogger framework to a shiny new web host, with new servers and a more modern look. If I pull this off correctly (Update: I did!), the site should experience minimal downtime and nothing should break. However, the site might be down for a bit in early August, so don’t panic. Moreover, there are likely going to be at least a few technical bugs to fix after the move. Formatting on older blog posts will likely be messy until I go through all the old posts and clean them up.

A few of the older features on the site might break: the RSS feed and the Google Blogger “follow” feature, for example, might not work on the new site. If you’ve been relying on those for updates, make sure to bookmark the site and check it in mid-August–I’ll have some new ways up and running by then so you can get notified any time I post new content. The new hosting and site infrastructure should allow a lot more flexibility in the kind of content I create and share on this site, so I’m really excited to finally have the time and skills to modernize Running Writings.

One new feature I’ll be debuting in mid/late August after the site migration is an email newsletter–this will be a place for me to share (on a weekly-ish basis) new research, quick thoughts on training and injuries, running-related content elsewhere on the web, and other stuff that’s smaller and more digestible than a full-length blog post. Stay tuned for info on how to sign up for that (Update: sign up here!).

Lastly, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be at this summer’s World Athletics Championships to present some preliminary findings from my dissertation! World Athletics is hosting an endurance medicine conference on July 19th in conjunction with the championships, and I’ll be attending next week to present my work on using wearable technology to study running injuries. If you happen to be in Eugene and are interested in a sports-medicine focused take on running injuries and performance, registration for the conference is free! Hopefully I’ll also be able to catch a few races at Hayward Field in the evenings too.

If all goes well, I’ve got less than a year to go in my PhD program. After that’s wrapped up I’m excited to see where the road takes me next. Right now, finishing my degree is my top priority (hence the pedestrian pace of new Running Writings content) but I’ve got several big projects lined up for afterwards that I’m looking forward to sharing. Thanks for all of your support!

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I have been coaching runners and writing about training and injuries for over ten years. I've helped total novices, NXN-qualifying high schoolers, elite-field competitors at major marathons, and runners everywhere in between. I have a Ph.D. in Human Performance, and I do scientific research focused on the biomechanics of overuse injuries in runners. I published my first book, Modern Training and Physiology for Middle and Long-Distance Runners, in 2013.

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