Introducing Running Writings Apps and the workout pace percentage calculator

This week I launched Running Writings Apps, a new platform for me to host some of my more technology-heavy running-related projects. During my PhD work I did a lot of data analysis and data visualization, and picked up some strong programming skills along the way. I’m excited to incorporate more of that alongside my long-form writing here.

This week I launched my first project: the Running Writings workout pace percentage calculator! Check it out!

This free web app is made specifically for calculating paces for workouts done at specific percentages of race pace (e.g. 4 x 2 km at 95% of 5k pace). The dominant proponent of percentage-based workouts is of course the great Italian coach Renato Canova, whom long-time readers will be familiar with. I’ve been writing about Renato Canova’s coaching methods for a long time, and have incorporated his percentage-based workouts into both my own training and the training I prescribe to the athletes I coach, with enormous success.

However, I have always had one minor gripe with percentage-based workouts–calculating the right paces can get really tedious! Enter my new web app. Calculating workout paces is super fast: you can enter your race pace, enter the desired percentage, and immediately get the correct pace. It also works in reverse–if you ran your 2 km repeats at 3:12/km, and you want to know what 5k pace gives you 3:12/km at 85%, you can run the app in “reverse mode” to find out the answer (3:03/km, in this case). 

The app also comes with a built-in unit converter, so if you know your 5k pace (or marathon, or 800, or…) in, say, minutes per mile, but want your workout pace in 400m splits or kilometer splits, you can calculate them with no extra effort. 

Check out the extensive How to Use section for tips on various use-cases and some example workouts. 

Hundreds of runners have already used this web app just in the first few days since I’ve created it, which has been amazing to see. You can bookmark it for future use, and if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you can even create a custom shortcut to save a link to it on your home screen. 

If you find any bugs or want to see some additional features, drop me a line! Let me know if you’ve got ideas for future web apps or calculators you’d like to see, too. I have a few ideas in the works already but am always looking for suggestions.

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I have been coaching runners and writing about training and injuries for over ten years. I've helped total novices, NXN-qualifying high schoolers, elite-field competitors at major marathons, and runners everywhere in between. I have a Ph.D. in Human Performance, and I do scientific research focused on the biomechanics of overuse injuries in runners. I published my first book, Modern Training and Physiology for Middle and Long-Distance Runners, in 2013.

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