Brief Thoughts: Front running is one second per lap harder!

 I do some freelance writing for a website called RunnersConnect.  Part of my work there is a weekly column that involves writing short reviews of scientific articles on a topic relevant to runners.  This weekly column gives me an opportunity to look into what the science says about some of the less-though about topics in ... Read more

Elite Marathoning with Renato Canova: The Training of Moses Mosop and Abel Kirui

Renato Canova-coached athlete Moses Mosop winning the Chicago Marathon

Renato Canova is a widely-renown coach of some of the most elite middle and long-distance athletes in the world.  His runners routinely medal at World Championship and Olympic races and place highly at major marathons. 

Unlike many other elite coaches, Renato Canova has no reservations about sharing his training philosophy and the workouts of his athletes.  2011 was a banner year for Canova, as several of his runners won medals at the 2011 world championships, including Abel Kirui, a young runner who won his second marathon World Championship. 

Additionally, Moses Mosop, a long-time Canova runner with sub-27 10k credentials, made his debut marathon in an earthshaking 2:03:06 for second place at the Boston Marathon, then later smashed the 25k and 30k world records at the Prefontaine Classic meet in Eugene, Oregon. 

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Basic Training Principles now available in print at locally-owned running stores in Minnesota

 Good news! High-quality printed copies of Basic Training Principles for Middle and Long-Distance Running are now available for FREE at the following locally-owned running stores in Minnesota: TC Running Company (Eden Prairie) Run 'n Fun (St. Paul and Burnsville) Marathon Sports (Minneapolis) GEAR Running Store (Edina) Gear West (Long Lake) Startline Running Store (Minnetonka)  Better ... Read more

Injury Series: Tibial stress fractures and stress reactions: The role of bone structure, impact, and calf strength

Tibial stress fractures are related to medial tibial stress syndrome, which you can read about here For an in-depth discussion of return-to-running programs after a stress fracture or stress reaction, see this article This installment of the Injury Series deals with tibial stress fractures, one of the most serious of the common running injuries.  A ... Read more

Notes on Randall Wilber's "Altitude Training and Athletic Performance" for runners

If you are interested in altitude training, Randall Wilber’s book “Altitude Training and Athletic Performance” is a fantastic read. I apologize for the lack of posts recently, but I’m recovering from arthroscopic hip surgery last week and am not up for doing a whole lot of sitting (in fact, I’m typing this out standing at ... Read more

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