Getting the interval workout recovery right

I’ve previously written about getting the warm-up right and getting the cool-down right. Getting these components of training right is a relatively minor component of the design of an overall training program.

Still, if you’re planning on having a long running career (or if you’re a coach working with a team), you’re going to be doing a lot of warm-ups, cool-downs, and recovery intervals. So, it’s worth spending a bit of time to make sure you’re getting them right.

When it comes to the recovery during interval workouts, you’ve got three variables to optimize:

  • How much recovery to take
  • How you measure your recovery (i.e. as time vs. as distance)
  • What to do during the recovery interval (e.g. stand, walk, jog, or run—and how fast)

Like in my cool-down article, I think it is useful to frame these questions in terms of who is doing the workout, what kind of workout they are doing, and what your training goals are, both for that workout and for the training cycle overall.

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